Bitki with shopska salad

3 Mar





A fusion of Polish and Bulgarian food today, bitki from our cookbook and shopska salad from a previous holiday in Bulgaria.

Bitki are traditionally chicken nuggets with mushrooms and nutmeg.  Our recipe book suggested using something more gamey so as to replicate the gamey taste of Polish chicken. We opted for the much cheaper option of value range turkey mince which worked a treat.

Mushrooms were cubed very small and fried until the water had run out of the mushrooms and been cooked off. Then they were thrown together in a bowl with egg yolks, breadcrumbs,  turkey mince and ground nutmeg. The egg whites were (for some reason) whisked until stiff,  or until I got bored, which was much sooner. I did my best to follow the instructions and ‘fold’ this into the mixture, but that isn’t easy when the mixture is meat!

The mixture was divided into small balls and rolled in flour to make small sausages of bitki which the fried for ten minutes (two frying pans were required).

Alongside this we plated up some shopska style salad: tomato, cucumber and feta cheese with some seasoning. In addition, some pickled grated beetroot and sauerkraut from one of the several local Polish shops.

Mrs M scored it 9.5 out of 10 thanks to the tasty bitki and their crunchy fried outsides.

Mr M


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