Polish month! First meal, peas and barley soup

2 Mar


It will be very different this month! No more red chilli and dishes made spicy hot with exotic spices. Much less frying, much more boiling and roasting. More pork, more mushrooms and many many more root vegetables.

This month we can look forward to getting to grips with making pierogi of various types and my own recipe for borszch.

Today we started with soup of yellow split peas and pearl barley. These were soaked for a long time before being boiled in vegetable stock (thanks to a couple of cubes). Some pieces of bacon dry fried till crisp were set aside while onion, garlic and later celeriac were fried in a generous amount of butter.  All of these ingredients were combined for a final 20 more minutes of simmering.

The result was a tasty and pleasingly wholesome soup with an authentic eastern European flavour. The yellow spit peas and bacon pieces gave some nice texture, even though we had resorted to hand blending for the soupier consistency. Rewarded with 8 out of 10 for being “simple but tasty” by Mrs M, this month is off to a good start.

Mr M


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