Honey and yellow bean pork

27 Feb


Today we made a tangy pork dish accompanied with our attempt at one of my take away favourites; crispy seaweed.  The pork dish was pretty simple,  first the meat marinaded in honey, yellow bean paste, soy sauce, brown sugar ginger and garlic.  Then it was stir fried until cooked (most of the marinade was kept to one side and added later.  Then sugarsnap peas and Chinese leaf were cooked with garlic and chilli til done. Meat, marinade and vegetables were then all cooked for a few minutes until the sauce reduced.

Meanwhile Mr M had finely chopped curly kale.  He then deep fried it until crispy. Except it went just a touch too far,  so tasted a little burnt 😦 Anyhow we carried on and after resting the kale on kitchen roll to drain excess oil,  it was sprinkled with sugar and salt.

Results: the pork was tasty,  I enjoyed it.  The seaweed was almost there, I’ll try again sometime. It was a shame that it didn’t quite work, but cool to know that just adding sugar and salt is what gives it the moreish taste.  Mr M voted 8 out of 10. With just one more day of Chinese before we go to Poland,  hope we can go out on a high 🙂

I’m looking forward to sweet and sour pork already….


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