Peking Duck

26 Feb






This was something we had been looking forward to since the beginning of the month and had planned for the weekend to allow for the extra preparation time.

We had a duck in the freezer which Mrs M had found in the local farm shop, shot wild for only £5. On the down side, we did have to chew and swallow carefully to find all the bits of shot!

The duck marinaded in a coating of honey, brown sugar, soy sauce and Chinese five spice. It was then placed into a hot oven for an hour or so.

Meanwhile, a sauce, some pancakes and some egg fried rice were readied. The pancakes had come from one of our local Asian food shops and these were steamed for a few minutes in a colander over a pan of boiling water. The sauce was some more sugar and soy sauce combined with hoi sin sauce and some cornflour.

Quite a lot of effort, but well worth it. It tasted just like the versions served at all Chinese restaurants and scored a well deserved 9 out of 10.

Mr M


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