Juicy chilli chicken without cashews

25 Feb

As I was left to my own devices this evening, I decided to (as usual) amend the recipe to suit my own tastes. So I dropped the cashews from tonight’s dinner as I don’t like cashew nuts very much (and I couldn’t find them in the cupboard anyway).

A simple chicken dish was accompanied by some plain white rice and some strips of cucumber. To make the chicken I skinned and boned several legs and coated these in a mixture of water, cornflour and five spice. I then added the chicken peices to a hot pan, in which szechuan peppercorns had been frying briefly in some vegetable oil and chilli infused oil. The chicken was cooked in just a few minutes.

Simple, tasty and quick. Not too much hassle, even if I had been left to cook just for myself. Still enough left over for lunch too. 8 out of 10.

Mr M


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