Some catching up to do! Friday’s lunch, last night’s Squid and today’s dinner – Spicy Szechuan Prawn Rice

14 Feb








So it feels like an eternity since I’ve posted.  We had a weekend away which I’m going to use as my excuse!

My fortune cookie reads ‘courage is resistance to fear and the mastery of fear’.  So on that note I should crack on…

Friday saw another rice based dish,  spicy wild rice and some amazing left over steak.  Rice was combined with radishes,  cucumber,  peppers, chilli,  lemon juice,  soy sauce,  sesame oil and coriander. Nom.  Tasty and quick.  8 out of 10, a new lunch box fav.

Yesterday we had Teriyaki style squid. Prepared squid was marinaded in garlic, soy sauce, rice wine and brown sugar.  Then it was griddled for a minute each side (too much cooking = rubber squid).  Once the squid tubes were cooked,  I briefly fried the tentacles.  Served up with sesame seeds, cayenne pepper and a side of noodles with stir fry vegetables.  Tasty,  but not my favourite (although the tentacles were yummy) so a 7.5.

Today I started by cooking wild rice and edamame beans and putting them to one side.  Next is heated oil and then added szechuan peppercorns, after these had sizzled for a few seconds in went lots of garlic and chopped red chillies.  Prawns were cooked til pink.  Rice and edamame were mixed in,  some cherry tomatoes and baby corn. A whole limes worth of juice and generous soy sauce slosh,  finished with some coriander. And my latest purchase chilli oil.  Nom.  Again another good recipe from Ching.  8 out of 10.


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