Sirloin steak with rice and edamame beans

10 Feb

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”. So says today’s fortune cookie.

Today’s meal would have been quicker if the steaks had defrosted – oops! A quick bath got them fully defrosted though, wrapped in sandwich bags with the marinade. The marinade was of ginger and garlic, soy sauce and what was supposed to be crushed Szechuan peppercorns, but we had run out. Some random peppercorns and dried chilli were crushed and included as a substitute.

An accompaniment of wild rice was boiled up plain and some fried chopped bacon and a dash of soy sauce was added to some edamame beans – which I now know are just green soy beans!

The recipie detailed a sauce made with chopped fresh red chilli, rice wine and some sugar which was to be drizzled over the cubes of cooked steak. However, I didn’t pay it much attention and made chilli jam rather than sauce (not on purpose) but it was nice anyway.

Mrs M will get to enjoy some leftovers for lunch as she was once again out for dinner. As chef and taster, I’m happy to score it 8.5 though. The marinade was very tasty with the steak and I like edamame beans – especially with bacon!


Mr M


One Response to “Sirloin steak with rice and edamame beans”

  1. Cormac Heron February 16, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

    Did you use the bath to thaw the steaks or to kill the time whilst the steaks thawed? Great blog you have going here. I think the lengths you are going to is amazing. I would encourage you to consider a different option to the camera you are using. I don’t think the tool you are using right now is getting the results the efforts deserves. Great stuff though! Keep up the excellent work!

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