Black bean chilli scallops, with broccoli and rice

1 Feb





Everything in life is luck.  Or something my fortune cookie tells me.

So the recipe got off to a good start as the scallops were reduced,  but I couldn’t find any enoki mushrooms.  It’s strange after a month of elaborate spice preparations to look at the simplicity of the spices needed…

First I mixed black beans with rice wine.  Whilst this was soaking I gently cooked the broccoli.  Once the broccoli was cooked I put it to one side,  whilst I heated oil.  I fried ginger and garlic,  then added the black beans.  After cooking this for a few minutes I added the scallops.  A few minutes later the oyster sauce and green tea went into the mix.  After some chillies,  cornflour paste and soy sauce were cooked in, the dish was served garnished with spring onions on a bed of rice.

Yummy,  tangy with some sea saltiness from the scallops I really enjoyed this.  It was light,  and not to hot,  Mr M voted 7.5, I would have given it 8.


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