The last Indian supper – our takeaway favourite Chicken Biryani

31 Jan







Indian month has drawn to a close with a scrumptious Chicken Biryani and a lovely vegetable side curry.  A good end to a delicious month,  I’ve really enjoyed cooking and eating the food.  I wish we’d got round to making some puds, but nevermind.  Back to tonight’s food.

Chicken was gently marinated in cardomom, tumeric, chilli powder, garlic and ginger with yoghurt to bind it.

I chopped and fried onions in a copious amount of ghee.  I then browned the chicken off.  I added more yoghurt, mint and coriander.  This cooked gently for 15 minutes.  After soaking the rice,  I cooked it for ten minutes.

The rice was then layered in a dish, with the chicken mix and a coating of milk, ghee and saffron.  Once I had 3 layers it went into a hot oven for 15 minutes.

Mr M made a delicious spicy vegetable curry with onions,  carrots, peas, lentils, tomatoes and plenty of chillies, black cardomom, mustard seeds, panch poram and turmeric.

The light delicate spices of the Biryani meant it was a pleasure to eat.  Perfectly accompanied by the vegetables and some nice cold lager.  9.5 out of 10.

Bye, bye India,  hello China!


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