Lamb DoPiaza and Spongy Lentil cake

23 Jan









Yum.  Dinner has just been consumed and it’s safe to say today’s was a good un. Lamb DoPiaza is a curry house fav, and definitely worth trying at home.  As long as you like onions,  DoPiaza means 2 onions, the 2 being whole baby (pickling) onions and finely chopped brown onions.  After the faff of peeling the little ones,  they were blanched then covered in melted butter until needed later. 

First the red chillies,  cardomom,  cinnamon,  cloves and turmeric were fried.  Then the chopped onions were added,  they soaked up the colours beautifully.  Obligatory ginger and garlic added here.  After a little bit of cooking,  tinned tomatoes were added.  A few minutes later and the lamb went in for 45 minutes.  Towards the end of cooking more spices were added,  garam masala,  coriander,  mace and black pepper.  A little bit of fresh coriander and the curry was done.

The Lentil cake contained gram flour mixed with yoghurt to make a battery that was spiced with ginger, green chillies and turmeric.  Poured into a cake tin and steamed for 25 minutes.  This was topped with fried mustard seeds, sesame seeds and curry leaves, boiled in a sugar syrup.  More coriander and coconut to garnish.

With both parts of the meal prepared we plated up and tucked in.  Spicy, aromatic curry with tender lamb.  Sweet, sour, salty and tangy Lentil cake to mop up the juices.

Mr M voted 9.5.  When asked what I needed for the last half he said a pudding.  Mmmm.  Me thinks he just won’t give me full marks so I keep trying hard to impress him.

Think today’s efforts should compensate for the lack of post yesterday,  we ate with a friend.  Fear not, we had leftover curry for lunch. Think we shall return to the advertised menu tomorrow,  which means vegetarian food.


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