Dum shahi koftas

21 Jan



More lamb mince today, prompting us to try and think of the last time we cooked pork or beef.  Not this month,  but forthcoming plans for Chinese and Italian months will balance that out!

Today’s recipe was rather complicated, calling for a kofta mix with a blend of spices as well as a sauce (or ‘gravy’ according to our little Indian cookbooks) both with a similar base of spices. Add to that the fact that the meatballs were stuffed with apricots and it all took quite a while to make.

For the meatballs, lamb mince is combined with the following: coriander and fennel seeds (ground to powder), garlic and ginger (both mashed in the mortar*),  green chillies and grated onion. These were formed into meaty golfballs before being stuffed with apricots.

*Careful not to get squirted in the eye with ginger juice when mashing it in the pestle and mortar – it hurts quite a bit!

For the sauce bay leaves,  green cardomom, cloves and cinnamon sticks were fried briefly in oil, and more garlic,  ginger and grated onion was added. A teaspoon of red chilli powder and a tin of tomatoes made up the sauce. A half pint of water topped up the sauce so that it almost covered the kofta balls when they were popped in (from their short spell in the fridge,  which helps keep burgers or balls of mince together when fried or boiled).

This was all left to simmer for a good while,  with a mix of saffron in milk,  garam masala and mace added towards the end.

This was very tasty indeed and worthy of 10 out of 10 if it had been accompanied by naan, but there had not been time,  so I would say 9/10. Mrs M scored it almost the same, but unable to bring herself to give the full 9, so awarded it 8.75 out of 10!

Mr M


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