Okra and Coconut Chilli with Roti

15 Jan







Mmm chilli lip tingle. This was spicy and refreshing at the same time. A delicious easy veg curry, with rice and my first attempt at home made roti (chappati).

I made the roti dough first according to Anjum Anand’s instructions. I’ve been really impressed with how simple and accurate her recipes are throughout the last fortnight. Mixing water, flour, salt and kneading for 10 minutes. It then rested for an hour.

For the curry I fried coriander seeds, mustard seeds and red chilies. I then ground these into a paste with a few lentils. I then put these to one side whilst I toasted cumin seeds.  These were then fried with garlic and ginger. The Okra was then fried till soft, then the toasted, ground spices were added to the pan. A dash of ground coconut. The dish was finished with milk and tamarind paste.

I had fun dry frying the roti and then puffing them up over an open flame.

Mr M voted 8.5, I really liked this for a veggie dish. Tomorrow tandoori chicken.


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