Mmm Kashmiri Lamb in milk

10 Jan



Today’s supper was a departure from the recent spice fest.  Tender lamb cooked in a spicy broth and finished with reduced milk to make a gravy.  9th out of 10 for this one.

First I browned off the lamb,  then added ginger, cardomom (black and green), cinnamon,  cloves and water and cooked the lamb for an hour or so. Then we took it off the bone.  Mr M boiled milk until it reduced by half.  We added it to the lamb with black pepper and garam masala. Delicious.

I have to say this smelt amazing whilst it was cooking,  the smell of ghee,  cardomom and lamb was yummy.  Shame it was quite an involved dish and we didn’t end up eating until 9. Definitely one for a lazy Sunday.


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