Paneer cheese and turnips, a peasant supper?

9 Jan






I made paneer today, a fresh Indian cheese.  A first for me,  as whilst I love fromage,  I tend to buy it. I boiled whole milk,  ad it bubbled I added live yogurt.  The mix rapidly separated into curds and whey.  This was poured into a muslin bag,  washed and left to hang.  After pressing it for half an hour, a spicy minty marinade (green chillies, mint, garam masala, cardomom, fennel, ajwain,  fennel and yogurt) and the mix marinated for a few hours.

The lumps (was meant to be possible to cut it neatly cubes…) were cooked in a tray in a hot oven for about 10 minutes. 

So we were really divided on this one.  I loved the fresh cheese plain,  but in marinades and cooked not all that pleasant.  Mr M thought it was a 6, so probably not one to repeat.

I also made a turnip curry, as we had some lurking in the fridge.  It was spicy and aromatic, ginger,  chilli powder, cumin, tumeric, asoefetida, garam masala, coriander and a little water to make a gravy.  An interesting way to transform a humble veg.  I’m going to look for a different paneer recipe as I feel reluctant to give up on it! 

Mr M will cook tomorrow 🙂


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