Fish dish for two – Trout with white poppy seeds.

8 Jan





As we are going to friends for dinner we had our Indian meal for lunch.  We had a really lovely fish dish with some plain rice. 

After Mr M did the necessary nasty bits to 2 whole Trout I got on with the sauce.  I fried off some mustard oil and butter until smoking then add Panch Poran spices and cooked them til the seeds started to pop.  Then I added garlic and green chillies (3 for extra spice),  crushed white poppy seeds,  red chilli powder and garam masala and fried it all for a minute. A big dash of water added and then reduced down finished the sauce for now. For the fish I heated more oil and butter.  A mix of seasoned flour coated the fish to help the skin crisp up.  I fried it for a few minutes each side,  it smelt delicious.  Once cooked I removed it from the pan and added the sauce to heat though.  A squeeze of lemon and some coriander completed the sauce and I drizzled it over the fish.

Mr M reckoned it was a good  effort and scored it 8.5 out of 10. The fish was tender with a crispy skin and the nutty,  spicy sauce complemented it beautifully.  I think this would be a good dish to cook for friends.  Only downside is the bones! 

I get to make paneer tomorrow and also an Indian pud if Mr M is lucky!


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