Indian shepherd’s pie

5 Jan


A slightly different dish this evening – an Anglo-Indian fusion dish reminiscent of the days of the Raj according to the recipe book.

Mostly a standard shepherd’s pie, but with the addition of many Indian spices: garlic, ginger, ground coriander, red chilli powder, black cardomom seeds. I almost put green ones in but was stopped Mrs M who was paying more attention! Black cardomom is very different – a kind of smokey smell, a bit like chorizo.

Tesco Value provided the lamb mince – a tasty mix of lamb and mutton, worth spending less money to get. Combined with the spices, onion and several handfuls of frozen peas and topped with mash made from new potatoes. Accompanied by cauliflower and carrots to bulk out the offering as we had to feed two extra hungry mouths.

The two hungry mouths scored 9/10 while Mrs M gave it 8.5

Mr M


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