Spicy stew and nommy naans

4 Jan







More chicken today. Also my first attempt at Naan bread.  Scores seem to be improving,  Mr M voted the stew 8 out of 10, but was very taken with the Naan my first 10. Happy days.

I made the dough to start with. A pretty basic mix with the addition of yogurt.  Whilst it was proving I got on with chopping a mountain of onions and garlic.  Glad that Mr M is in on this too, I could scare vampires at a mile.

After frying off the chillies, onions,  garlic and ginger,  I browned the chicken,  added spices (tumeric,  cumin, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon), potatoes and water,  then let it stew.  I finished it with green beans,  tamarind paste and more coriander.  Managed to set off the smoke alarm grilling the Naan, must clean oven as I didn’t actually burn any food…

Now feeling quite full,  but also pleased as a) have cooked and blogged after first day back at work and b) spicy stew has helped my cold no end.  Cooking for big sister and her beau tomorrow, hope they like it 🙂


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