Hello world! Mustard and Coconut Prawns – spice is nice in 2011

1 Jan

Happy New Year!

So I decided this year to cook (and eat) my way around the world, visiting a different country every month in my kitchen. We (the husband and I) are starting with India. I like Indian food, but like many Brits I think I’m used to some very anglicised versions of it, so I wanted to explore further.  Also after the excess of the festive period I fancied food with a bit of punch but without an over reliance on red meat and dairy. Bring on the lentils!

First stop on our eating quest

I’ve planned out a couple of weeks worth of Indian food with the help of ‘Anjum’s New Indian’ a book that my mum kindly lent me. Tonight we are having Coconut and Mustard Prawns. Tres Bon I hope! Any recipe that lets me use Colmans Mustard is bound to be awesome. I shall post pics once the meal is made.

Part of the reason I was keen on this experiment was that it provided numerous shopping opportunities and a chance to find out about some more unusual ingredients. We are lucky that at the end of our road we have the awesome East West Foods shop. Hubby and I spent a pleasant half an hour in there yesterday stocking up. The recipes call for all sorts of things, white poppy seeds, black and green cardamom pods and mustard oil to start! The Mustard oil was particularly contentious, as one of the bottle says for external use only. I think this means don’t rub it in your eyes! He thinks that it means its inedible. Not so according to a) the cookbook and b)wikipedia purveyor of all truth…

Cooking in the same style for a month means that you can justify buying new and exciting ingredients as you will use them – nothing worse than spending £3 on a spice and then letting it malinger in the cupboard until you cook that exotic dish again a year later!

The kitchen beckons…


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